About Us

Parabellum Auto started with two guys and an idea to build some killer vehicles. We both had good jobs but missed getting our hands dirty and wrenching on vehicles. So we decided to open a shop in Tempe, AZ and we started wrenching. We built off road trucks and equipped them with the latest and greatest of performance, lighting and off road capabilities. We then dabbled in building police cars and designing a better light package to make the cars better, brighter and louder. Everything was going great until the pandemic hit. The pandemic rocked our world and like many other small businesses we saw our entire customer base disappear over night. 

So we closed our doors shortly after opening them and watched our dream die like that Elton John candle song. After some soul searching and licking our wounds we decided we were not going down without a fight. So we thought we need to go back to our roots which is car performance. Sharing the same mindset, build it bigger, better faster. So that led us here to parabellumauto.com where we sell everything to make your ride how you dreamt it could be. Whether its a new turbo or supercharger, a new set of rims, or some custom lighting, we have it all. We also try to set our prices lower than the rest so you can get more for your hard earned money.

Why is it called parabellum? Translated from Latin, it means prepare for war. Whether you war is with the road, war at the racing track or war in the dunes, be war ready. We'll help you do that. (Also John Wick is our idol) 

So thanks for choosing us and let us know if there is anything we can help with or if you are looking for something we don't sell. We will try and see what we can do to get it for you. We love seeing our stuff on your ride so send us pics of your whip and we may feature you on our site or give you a shoutout on social media.

Shoot us an email sales@parabellumauto.com

Thank you and be safe

si vis pacem, para bellum = if you want peace, prepare for war